When the Oklawaha Blackberry is very happy, it blooms double in honor of its mother, the Rose.

Oklawaha Double Bloom

I am an Oklawaha Blackberry.  My mother was a Rose.

The resemblance is striking wouldn’t you say?

The rose family contains more that 2800 species world wide.  In addition to all the ornamental trees and bushes, many/most of the fruits that we love best are also members of the Rose family; apples, cherries, peaches, almonds, and many types of berries including the blackberry.

The Spring of 2010 was a very wet spring for us at Shady Grove Preserve.  In the fields and the woodlands plants and trees bloomed as we have never seen before;  Some things we didn’t know could bloom at all showed us an amazing variety of fragrant color and grace.  And others, like the Oklawaha, who always bloom at least a little no matter how dry it is, bloomed with a profusion and an enthusiasm that was breathtaking.

Oklawaha blackberries bloom with 5 petals in a single circle.  – Except (apparently) when they are very very happy, and then they can bloom ‘double’.

In their simple celebration of the blessing of water, they give me hope and renew my belief in the power of life.


  1. I loved this snapshot of a “very very happy Oklawaha blackberry bloom”!!! Because it anthropomorphized the Oklawaha’s motives in double-blooming. YES! I always thought those reasoned “scientifically objective” journal articles on dolphins, cetaceans and inter-species communications were dry as rhino farts. We’re not supposed to attribute motive to the rest of the natural world, doncha know?? Well poot on that. I loved this, Marnie.

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