What is Quality?

Quality is the measure of excellence.
A Quality Discussion

Quality means a lot of things to a lot of people,  just ask them and you will find out. They will tell you about all sorts of “things” that represent quality to them.  The problem is that quality is not a thing, it is t he measure of a thing.  Quality is a metric. Quality measures how much excellence a thing possesses.

Think about it, a “high quality” item is an item that is “excellent”.  So when someone describes quality as a thing, they are describing a thing that they believe has a great deal of excellence.  We have come to use the word quality and excellence interchangeably.  But they are not really the same ‘things’.

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  1. Bwaaaaaaa! I know those two in your Quality image — Why it’s Reverend Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena Claire of “Hey, Nunnie Nunnie.” A quality, excellent AND class sister act.

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