The Beautiful Field

It is really important to open eyes to the poisons we are living with, and dying from, in our current world.

In February 2017, I took this picture of a beautiful 1000 acre field in full bloom about 2 miles from Shady Grove Preserve. At the time I didn’t know what that field would cost my community and my nature preserve, At the time, I thought it was beautiful.

2017 was the year all my pollinators disappeared. Over time we put it all together…
The farmer had poisoned the soil with herbicides (to kill everything in preparation for the mono-crop he was planting. This wiped out all the natural plants that the pollinators normally service.

Then he poisoned the plants he was growing with with pesticides, which wiped out ALL the pollinators who had no other choice than to pollinate his plants. All my pollinators disappeared that summer.

I lost more than 30 native pollinator species (that I know about), plus the imported honey bees. Most of my native pollinators, bees, bumbles, pollinating wasps, butterflies, moths, and beetle / bug insects have never been seen again.

Monsanto (and the rest) won’t give up… It is worth too much money to them. We have to make it happen, or live and die with the consequences.

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  1. Marnie,  This is heart-breaking end game of DOMINATE NATURE approach to life on Planet Earth. All for the almighty buck-a-roo $$$.  Not that you need any more triggers, I’d suggest “The World According to Monsanto” a film by Marie-Monique Robin (a Quebecoise 2008) … “From Agent Orange to Genetically Modified Crops.” A widely praised film that exposes why Monsanto has become the world’s poster child for malignant corporate influence in government and technology. Consider gifting time, activism and spare pennies/nickels/dimes to  * Mercy For Animals (works tirelessly to de-evolve the deadly mono-culture and factory farm industrial food supply); * Food & Water Watch (agitates against fracking, GMO and other kill switches on our food supply while organizing for benign food & ag policies) * Community-focused groups that work to get nicotinid pesticides OFF THE SHELVES at home & garden centers (includes Monsanto’s RoundUp and other herbicides/pesticides proven to cause bee colony collapse and destroy almost 80% of U.S. pollinators who enable 33% of the food we eat). Thanks. I am sharing this with like-mindeds.   —  —  —  —

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